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Do I Have Gum Disease?

Posted May 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every two Americans aged 30 and up suffer from some degree of gum disease, making it one of the most common diseases in America. In efforts to improve your oral health and create more awareness, we have put together valuable information on gum disease prevention.

What Is Gum Disease?

To better understand what gum disease is, let us first look at the technical definition and break it down from there. Gum disease is the inflammation of the soft tissue and abnormal loss of bone that surrounds the teeth and holds them in place. Gum disease is caused by the mixture of food, saliva, and bacteria that makes up plaque. Plaque accumulates over time along the gum line.

Plaque build-up is caused when food particles are not fully removed when brushing and flossing.

Here are a few facts about gum disease you should know:

  • Gum Disease May Have No Symptoms
  • Gum Disease Can Be Hereditary
  • Consistent Bad Breath May be a Sign
  • “Pink in the Sink” is not Normal
  • Gum Disease is Contagious

How Do I know If I Have Gum Disease?

featured image - gum desease

At your dental exam and cleaning at OC Healthy Smiles, you should let your dentist know if you have bad breath or your gums are bleeding when you are brushing. Your dentist will take this into account and also perform an evaluation for gum disease.

You need to have you your gum health checked regularly by attending dental exam and cleanings. Request your appointment today by calling (714) 545-0484 or clicking HERE.

How Do I To Prevent Gum Disease?

To prevent the build-up of plaque and gum disease it is important to have a daily oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing twice daily and flossing. So why are these 2 habits so important? Each action is key in preventing gum disease in a different way. Flossing gets larger food particles out from between your teeth and from under your gums. Brushing removes plaque from your teeth and around your gums. Other tips to prevent gum disease include having a healthy and balanced diet and by avoiding smoking and vaping.

If you are experiencing bad breath or other symptoms of gum disease, it is important to schedule a visit to your dentist. If you have a question, concern, or are ready to schedule your appointment call OC Healthy Smiles at (714) 545-0484. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit!

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