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What to Eat After Teeth Whitening

Posted February 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

All too often you hear the warning of what not to eat after teeth whitening but you are never told what you should eat. To make sure that your results last, you want to watch what you consume especially in the first 48 hours after your in-office whitening treatment.Foods that are mostly colorless are less likely to stain your teeth and are usually the best when keeping your smile brilliant. Listed are meal suggestions you can use for the first 48 hours after your whitening treatment to get long-lasting results.


Rather than skipping breakfast, try one of these meals after your whitening treatment. Even though your breakfast will lack color, it will be full of flavor!

· Coconut or plain yogurt with banana slices

· Rice cereal with milk

· Egg whites omelet with turkey and cheese

Lunch & Dinner

All of these filling meals are easy to prepare or easy to find at a local restaurant. Keep up the great work and show off your white smile by heading to a sushi restaurant for the top suggested meal!

· Sushi with white fish such as cod, haddock, or halibut and a side of white rice

· Grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella cheese

· Baked chicken and mashed potatoes with cauliflower

· Creamy chicken pasta


Treat yourself to one of these tasty desserts after a hard day and relax knowing that they will not stain your smile.

· Vanilla ice cream

· White cake

Smile Saving Snacks

These snacks can be added to any meal and will give you an added boost of energy while promoting a healthier mouth.

· Almonds

· Cheese cubes

· Rice crackers

· Rice pudding

· Yogurt

Cheese, yogurt, and almonds are full of calcium and protein, making them all beneficial for the health and strength of your teeth. When you consume cheese, your mouth increases saliva production and raises your oral pH level. Both of these factors contribute to a lower risk of tooth decay. The natural bacteria found in plain yogurt is great for your gums since it will replace the cavity causing bad bacteria that currently inhabit your gums.

At OC Healthy Smiles we offer a variety of whitening technologies to best suit all of your needs. To find out which treatment would be best for you, call our office at (714) 545-0484.

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